If there's a dream to chase,

chase it

This is who

we are

We are


For thirty years we’ve assembled troublemakers, scientists and daydreamers—and let creativity take its course. Soichiro Honda taught us to follow our dreams, no matter how improbable.

We are


If we need a better tool for the job, we make one. If a technology can give the driver a closer connection to the road, we use it. And if that technology doesn’t exist, we create it.

This is what

we make


Driver and machine together as one. With groundbreaking technologies like Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™, we continue to set new standards through bold innovation and precision manufacturing.


When science is your playground, innovation flies. Case in point – our 8-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission. It combines the takeoff smoothness of a torque converter with predictive, lightning-fast gear changes.


With Acura, quality endures. It’s proven by unyielding driver loyalty, years of low maintenance and industry-leading resale value. It’s through our expert craftsmanship that the human centered experience truly comes to life.

The result

design with purpose

Precision Crafted Performance is at the core of our DNA.
We build with exhilarating performance, unsurpassed comfort
and exacting attention to detail.