Financing FAQs

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Will I be guaranteed the lease or finance payment that the payment estimator displays?
The payment is an estimate only and does not include tax, title, registration, and license fees. Please contact your local Acura dealer for actual payments.
How do I use the payment estimator tool? What does it do?
We have provided you this tool to look at side-by-side comparisons of monthly lease and finance payments. By changing the term, amount financed, or annual percentage rate for a purchase, you can adjust the monthly payment. Keep in mind that this is an estimated amount and is not an offer of particular contract terms. The estimated monthly payment calculation for leasing and financing is based on the vehicle you have selected.
If I enter my own annual percentage rate, what rate should I choose?
Your rate should be the rate you believe you can obtain and is for estimation and comparison purposes only. If you are applying for credit, the rate you enter is not used in determining your eligibility for credit and is not an offer or guarantee of any particular interest rate.
What's the difference between an installment sale and a lease?
When you enter into a retail installment sales contract for the purchase of a vehicle, your down payment and your monthly payments go toward the total purchase price of your vehicle. When you have paid off the financing, you own your car. When you lease a vehicle, you make payments to use the vehicle over the term of your lease. However, you don't own your car. At the end of your lease, you return it to the lessor.
What are the advantages of using Acura Financial Services?
By financing with Acura Financial Services through your selected certified dealer, you may hear about future offers directly from Acura Financial Services.
Can a dealer offer financing other than that offered through Acura Financial Services?
Acura Financial Services offers competitive rates. However, dealers have the privilege of offering other financing arrangements.
Can a dealer ask a price higher than MSRP?
The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is a vehicle's retail selling price as recommended by the manufacturer. Dealer profit is built into every item. As a result, all elements of MSRP are negotiable. A dealer may add an additional markup to the MSRP based on availability and demand for that vehicle.
Is a down payment required?
No. However, a down payment demonstrates your ability to save and budget. This ability may help to offset a limited credit history.
What is Acura Financial Services (AFS)?
Acura Financial Services is a premier financial services company that offers a wide range of financial programs specifically tailored to each customer. Whether your goal is to finance or lease, Acura Financial Services will treat you as a valued customer.
Why apply for financing online?
By arranging your financing in advance-before walking into an Acura dealer, you can save time and help ensure that you will get the most competitive rate possible.
Do I have to apply for credit or pre-approval online?
Acura provides online applications to save you time. However, you may still go to your local Acura dealer and apply in person.
What is the difference between credit and pre-approval?
When you apply for credit, you have a specific car and dealer in mind. When you apply for pre-approval, you have not specified a particular car or dealer.
If I apply for credit or pre-approval, am I obligated to finance or lease a vehicle from Acura Financial Services?
No. You are not obligated to finance or lease a vehicle from AFS or the dealer you choose.
Does Acura Financial Services offer financing for Acura certified pre-owned vehicles?
Yes. AFS offers a wide range of financial programs specifically tailored to your needs-for both new and certified used cars.
Is a credit report run on my co-applicant?
Yes. Since the co-applicant is applying for credit and will be a co-buyer or co-lessee on the finance or lease contract, Acura Financial Services runs a credit report on both the applicant and the co-applicant.
What happens once I submit my application?
Once you submit your application online, Acura Financial Services will run a credit bureau and will attempt to return a decision immediately-while you are online. If a decision cannot be rendered within 30 seconds, AFS will forward the application and credit bureau to a credit analyst for review. Our goal is to return an immediate decision while you are online. However, if you do not receive an immediate decision, Acura will send you an e-mail within one business day letting you know that your application status is ready to be securely retrieved from
How am I notified of my application status?
Once the credit analyst has come to a decision based on the information you provided, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your status is ready. The e-mail will direct you to the area of where you can securely retrieve your status and shop.
Once approved, can I purchase or lease an Acura from any dealer?
Yes. When you visit to retrieve your approval status, you'll have the opportunity to get a certificate with your approved amount and AFS reference number to bring to your Acura dealer when shopping.
Do I have to use the financing once approved?
You are not obligated to use the financing offered to you. Final rates and terms can still be adjusted until you sign the finance or lease contract as part of the purchase process.
Once approved, for how long is my approval good?
You may use your approval for 30 days. Once the 30 days is up, you must re-apply.
I would like a higher loan amount. do I need to re-apply?
If you have already submitted an application online, you do not need to re-apply online to obtain a higher loan amount. Instead, contact an Acura dealer who will work with you and AFS to adjust your loan as needed.
Do I have to use the full amount for which I was approved?
No. Use only what you need.
Why was I not approved?
The credit analyst makes a credit decision based on the limited information you submitted in your application and a review of your credit bureau file. If you were not approved online, you can still submit your application and decision information to a local Acura dealer who may be able to help you obtain credit approval.
If I wasn't approved for credit, can I still shop online?
Of course. You can still take advantage of many of the services that offers such as submitting a quote request on a customized Acura or using the finance tools. If you were not approved online, you still have the option of submitting your application and decision information to a local Acura dealer who may still be able to help you obtain credit approval.
How accurate are the calculators?
The results displayed by the calculators are estimates and are for illustrative purposes only. The payment calculators make assumptions such as the cost of the selected vehicle, your selected annual percentage rate, your selected down payment, trade-in value, desired contract term, etc.
Why isn't there a lease calculator for Acura certified pre-owned vehicles?
Currently, Acura does not offer lease information online on Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. If you are interested in leasing an Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, please contact your local Acura dealer.
Why does the reverse calculator show that I can afford more with leasing than financing?
In a lease, you do not purchase a vehicle; you contract to use it for the first and best period of its life. Because you are not buying the entire car you may be able to afford to lease a more expensive car than you could buy with the same payment.
How do I apply for a special payment that is shown on a calculator?
If you see a special that you want to take advantage of listed with the results of a calculation, click "Certificate" next to the special. You can then print out a specials certificate that is customized with your personal information to bring into your local Acura dealer.
Why am I having trouble viewing the PDF document?
In order to view a PDF document, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and are still having problems viewing the PDF, you may need to download the most current version of the plug-in.